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Take your landline phone anywhere with Cox Voice App and get calls on your Cell Phone
  • Enjoy Unlimited Calling within US
  • Free 14+ famous features
  • High Definition Voice
  • Directory Assistance
Don’t Let Anything Slow You Down


per month

    Home Phone

  • Unlimited Calls
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • Unlimited international calling to landlines in Mexico and Canada
  • 14 Digital Phone Features


per month

    Internet + Phone

  • Full House TV
  • Up-To 150Mbps Download Speed
  • Fiber Broadband
  • Ideal for 5 to 7 devices and internet users
  • Unlimited calling to US, Mexico, Canada and more


per month

    Gold Duo

  • Full House TV
  • 250+ Channels with Free HD
  • Fiber Broadband
  • Speed Starting From 300Mbps
  • Practically Unlimited Data
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frequently asked question
Cox Phone FAQS

Can I keep my current phone number?

Yes, in most instances, Local Number Portability (LNP) allows a customer to change local exchange carriers and maintain their current phone number, even though they are now serviced by a different provider.

Is Directory Assistance available?

Will I still be listed in the Phone Book?

Yes. Or if you choose, the information can be kept private for a small monthly fee.

Will I have to buy a special phone for the new service?

No, the phone working with your current service should work with the Cox Voice service. Cox utilizes the same type of switching equipment and software as other phone service providers.